Guest Blog: A Dad’s Perspective on Homebirth

I asked My Chemical Romance to write a little about my homebirth with Piece de Resistance. I asked him to do this the day or two days after the birth, so it was fresh in his mind. Here’s what he wrote:

So this homebirth went much better.  Compared to birthing at a hospital, things were much more at ease.  Granted, at the hospital, they have everything medically that might be needed, but homebirth is only for normal women, right?  We had what we needed here, plus some extra stuff for good measure.  Other than that, I can’t think of a benefit to a hospital birth.  Here, I had access to my own food and water.  I could cook something if I wanted to.  I had comfortable chairs to sit in and I knew my way around.  The midwife was a visitor in my own house, rather than me being a stranger in a hospital.  It was just easier and less stressful to be here, which I think really helped Cinco de Mommy.  Like me, she was comfortable in her surroundings.  It’s like when you have a cat that is giving birth.  They always find a quiet, out-of-the-way place to deliver.  It is where they feel safe.  Same here.  Despite our science and technology, we are basically mammals that want to deliver in comfort and safety.  Where else is better to get that that in your own home?

And the recovery time was awesome.  Right away, after the delivery, we could relax on our own bed and just chill out.  We felt comfortable having people stop by immediately, rather than resting up in a hospital for a day or two and then coming home.  As much of a disruption the labor and delivery can be, having the “rock” of being home made everything that much better.

I would do it again and I would recommend it with all of my conviction to anybody that is a good candidate.



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  1. “I would do it again…”?????

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