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5 Parenting Must Haves (Baby Edition) or “Celebrating the one who doesn’t talk back.”

I feel like with each subsequent offspring, I get better and better at this baby thing. And now that I’m on #5, it’s practically a piece of cake (except for that whole sleeping thing). So, in honor of the fact that I feel like I’m totally SUCKING at this “parenting older kids” thing right now, I present my list of 5 Parenting Must Haves (Baby Edition):

Seriously, when it comes to older kids, I got nothin’. Nada. I’ll be lucky if only one or two ends up in prison. But I digress!

1. Miracle blanket.

A miracle, you ask with skepticism? YES, I say. Screw the crying statues; this blanket is the closest to god that some parents will ever experience. If ever a baby didn’t like to be swaddled, I would say it’s an alien baby who didn’t live happily in a very crowded womb for 9 months.

2. My Breast Friend pillow.

It’s like a really really huge belt, but a belt that covers your postpartum belly AND helps you breastfeed. Epic win!

3. A non-Baby Bj*orn carrier.

Pouch, sling, mai-tai, soft structured carrier, wrap — whatever you feel comfortable using, just use it. You will thank me when you have the use of your arms back, and you can eat an egg sandwich while writing a blog with a sleeping baby attached to you. I have 8 or 9 carriers that I rotate.

4. Zutano baby booties.

This is a new one for me. I did not use these with my first four. That said, I’m doing elimination communication with this kid, and it’s an absolute parenting must have for EC with a newborn. My baby is kind of scrawny compared to the last two, and it’s winter and we live in a poorly-insulated house. Socks fall off. Zutano baby booties stay on. Baby feet are warm!

5. Cosleeping

Okay, it’s not a thing, and it’s not technically a must-have, but once again it’s something I’m doing for the first time ever, and I’m regretting not doing this with the first four. There’s an adjustment period — at first I slept like a tightly-wound mummy, afraid to move for fear that I would I would wake up the baby, or that the baby would inhale some of My Chemical Romance’s back hair and asphyxiate — but now it’s so natural and nice and loving. Breastfeeding is easy this way. We’re all warm. And the baby is so cute, wrapped up like a little burrito in the miracle blanket, and smelling like my armpit.

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