Postpartum hormones or “I cry because I’m an idiot.”

Have you heard of that book, Room by Emma Donaghue?

It’s supposed to be a really creative and amazing piece of work, totally different than most novels. I love to read and I’m a big fan of the public library — we go at least once a week. (I have always assumed that only rich people buy books, since you read them like one time, it’s sort of like buying a dress and wearing it only once.) I placed a hold for Room. In October 2010. Imagine my happiness when I finally got to the top of the list after five months, and went there today to pick it up.

We’ve all been sick for about a week, so this was my first time leaving the house in seven days. The kids have done a few errands with My Chemical Romance, but we were all stir-crazy and sick of each other. So we ventured to the library, where I picked up Room and read some of it while nursing Tax Deduction, and the kids played on the computers and colored and picked out books. It was a brief glimpse of heaven, just getting out of the house, and the first 5 pages of Room were really good.

By the time we got home, we’d exceeded the maximum allotment of happiness for a family that is still getting over the flu — and also everyone was hungry. I brought in all the books, but I didn’t see Room.

I called the library to ask if I had left it there. It wasn’t there — and it wasn’t listed in my account under my “checked out” items. Which means that after five MONTHS of waiting for the book, I had left it somewhere in the library, and it was checked back in and I have to now place another hold for it.

I am number 355.


19 Responses

  1. Oh my GOD. Just…OH MY GOD!

  2. […] A copy of ROOM by Emma Donoghue. […]

  3. That is sad, even almost a year later it is sad, especially when what you are really jonesing for is just the right book.

    Would it help if I am one of those people who is rich (in books!) and could let you borrow it?

    • Thanks Amanda! Two very kind blog readers sent me copies! Plus I wrote a nasty note to the library board of directors and they MIRACULOUSLY found me a copy I could borrow for three weeks. -Erika PS Did you love Room? I loved it!

  4. Such a sad, moving book. I would love to read a sequel about Jack’s childhood outside of Room, though I’m not sure of I’d like it if it doesn’t go along with what my mind already pictures, which is a happy mom-son team that can handle anything.

  5. I already have the book. But I just needed to comment that I really liked it!

    • It’s a pretty amazing book, isn’t it? There’s been a small debate in Jugs about whether or not any books is TRULY ORIGINAL, but I really think the author has an original point of view. -Erika

  6. oh no! 😦 That’s so upsetting! At least you are able to read it now

  7. I can’t believe the library wanted to put you back on the list on the same day you had gotten it from them! I bought the book before it was a top seller as just a random book I picked up and liked the summary. Definitely a tear jerker of both happy and sad tears!

  8. I really enjoyed reading Room.

  9. That was a great book!

  10. I read this book because of your saga with it! I clearly remember this frustrating yet hysterical library situation…. The book was very intriguing the first time around, and traumatic the second time around (my book club read it about a year later and I thought, sure! I liked it the first time and then I was totally traumatized by my second read).. I’m not sure if the trauma was a result of being about four months post partum and weepy and emotional? Or if the first person child’s perspective dulled the atrocity for me the first read. ANyways, excellent book, if disturbing content.

  11. […] that I’ve gradually gotten around to reading, as I make my way through library holds (and the library drama that ensues). Books like Room by Emma Donoghue, The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, Before I Fall […]

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