The Great Plague of 2011

One day Wii and I were doing errands. She needed a key made, and instead of going to Home De*pot she wanted to support local workers — like this man who apparently had a key-making machine in his house. It was raining, so she said she’d run in while I sat in the car. (Looking back, I’m thinking, She wanted to run into to a strange man’s home that had a key-making machine inside, while I waited in her car like an idiot?!?!? This is the beginning of a horror movie.) I waited, and she came back a few seconds later, cracking up. She was laughing so hard she couldn’t talk, and she pointed at the door to the house. I got out and ran up to the house. On the front door was a sign




A few weeks later I drove by the house again and there was a FOR SALE sign out front. So I can only imagine he didn’t survive.

I’ve thought a lot about this man over the last week as every member of my family has been hit with this plague of fever-induced misery of exhaustion and pain. We gots the flew.


One Response

  1. I giggled so hard reading this.

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