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A change of scenery

Although I haven’t had morning sickness during this pregnancy — except once, and I think that may have been more of a virus — I still haven’t had the energy to do much, and I have been bored. The kids have been bored as well, and I am getting tired of my standard answer, which I stole from Wii: “It’s not my job to entertain you.”

I decided to take the kids to visit my online friend Heather, who has a 7yo boy, an almost 6yo boy, 4yo identical twin girls, and almost-2yo identical twin boys. And no husband — he’s deployed for the next six months.

My friend Nice-Nice — welcome Nice-Nice to the Ingredient List! She’s awesome and wonderful and just moved very close to me! — helped me cook a bunch of meals to bring to Heather’s, because I felt like bringing four kids plus a tired, pregnant me wasn’t going to be very helpful. So, like the former Jew I am, I brought food. Because food = love. (But be careful you don’t get too much love, or you may end up needing weight loss surgery like I did.)

Heather’s life really blew me away — it reminded me of how glad I am that Animal and Mineral are a little older now. They’re still twins, still mischievous, but they’re kind of over the whole let’s-use-our-joint-power-for-evil-rather-than-good. That lasts until about age three, in my experience. When I told her that, she said, “Oh, wow, that’s so soon!” Um, her youngest boys aren’t even two yet!

The kids played together really beautifully, and Heather and I bonded. (Yes, we’d never met before in real life.) She’s had c-diff bacteria, so she understood my bathroom issues better than most. That is always a concern for me when I travel. I need a toilet — and travel companions who get what I may do to it. Of course, she’s also crunchy like granola — her kids have NEVER been in disposables, all six of them — and she homeschools, homebirths, extended breastfeeds, cosleeps, and generally practices attachment parenting. She even gave Num-Nums to My Masterpiece, who was completely shocked when milk came out. I’m dry, but she still likes to suck.

I had a great time, the kids had a great time, Heather had a great time — I gave her an opportunity to get some errands done, as well as a chance to have a pedicure — and I plan to go back sometime in July, after we get back from the beach.

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  1. I just ❤ the group photo!! The girls are SO BIG!!!!

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