Homeschoolers: Vacationing with Regular-Schoolers since 2010

I find it wildly ironic that I happen to take our first vacation as homeschoolers when all the other kids are on spring break. Here’s a quick recap of Disney.

Ten Random Moments at Disney

10. Star Tours. Animal and Mineral thought it was the coolest ride they’ve ever been on. I thought I was going to vomit from motion-sickness.

9. The Informant at Bippity Boppity Boo. Despite being one of those progressive moms who didn’t want to gender stereotype my children, I made a little squee upon seeing The Informant looking like she stepped out of a bottle of Pepto-Bismol. Or a mouth.

8. Maizey on the tram to Hollywood Studios. I was hoping I could park at the front and take her to the kennel there (of course Maizey came with us to Disney!) but the parking attendant said she’d have to ride the tram like all the other… people.

7. Eating hamburgers every day: I was in heaven!

6. FastPass. It just rules. Part two is that our tickets somehow mysteriously de-magnetized, meaning the automated FastPass wouldn’t work, so we had to get FastPass tickets from a Disney worker. Meaning we could get FastPass tickets to multiple rides since the automated machine wouldn’t notice!

5. It’s a Small World After All. I even got a little teary, it’s such a sweet ride. Still my favorite.

4. Seeing my aunt Alice and uncle Ronnie and cousin Adam for dinner at TRex in Downtown Disney. Great food; the ambiance was total sensory overload. Afterwards, Ronnie took all of my kids to the Lego Store and bought them sets! Even My Masterpiece! Thank you uncle Ronnie!

3. Breathe-Right Strips: Epic FAIL. My mom still snores like a drunken 400lb trucker. Except now she looks like a drunken 400lb trucker with a sticker on her face.

2. Hollywood Studios. I liked it almost as much as Magic Kingdom. Who knew?

1. Seeing Animal and Mineral enjoying themselves. They’re 7, which is the perfect age for Disney. The Informant got tired and cranky after a few days of staying up late and getting up early, and My Masterpiece is a little young for Disney, but Animal and Mineral were so full of wonder! They were wonder-full.   

I will post some actual pics soon. My camera was awesome!


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