In which I discuss my other hobbies

(Other than birth, breastfeeding, childbirth education, and car seat safety, that is.)

j’aime manger les hamburger
J’aime mon chien
j’aime faire cuire
You would think that since I love to eat, I have always loved to cook. You would be wrong.
Dustin used to do all the cooking. (Yes, after he worked a 9-hour day followed by an hour commute home, including crossing the border from Mexico back into the States. We also used to have a cleaning lady. I, who weighed nearly 300lbs, sat on the couch and watched TV and ate bon-bons, perpetually pregnant. I was THAT wife.)
But now that I’ve had my intestines re-arranged, I can’t eat bon-bons, there isn’t much good TV anymore except for Modern Family and Lost, four children is enough, and I like to cook. Here are a few of my recent pleasures, all courtesy of my favorite website,
I have to give some credit to Leigh, who taught me that any “hydrogenated” ingredient is bad, and took me to Trader Joe’s; my therapist for suggesting I watch Food Network; and Dustin* for putting a premium on raw milk, grass-fed beef, and organic chicken and eggs. Thank you.
*At some point I will make your Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Cake that I owe you for your birthday.

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